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MDA is a premier designer, developer, integrator, and operator of space-based Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Earth observation satellite missions.

International agencies, national and regional governments, and commercial users depend on Earth observation satellites for current, accurate information about natural processes and human activity on the planet.

MDA has met that demand with SAR satellites that acquire high-resolution imagery over large areas 24 hours a day, regardless of cloud cover or weather conditions. From RADARSAT-1 in 1995 to our current RADARSAT-2 mission, launched in 2007, and the three-satellite RADARSAT Constellation Mission (RCM), launched in 2019, MDA is a proven, reliable space-based SAR satellite developer and operator.

Most specifically, MDA’s space-based radar solutions are uniquely designed for large area maritime surveillance and provide near real-time access to critical information to enable navies and other organizations tasked with the security and safety of maritime regions.

Radarsat-2 Image

RADARSAT-2 is a mission designed from the beginning to be responsive to end user needs and serve operational applications that require rapid delivery of newly-acquired data.

RADARSAT-2, Canada’s next-generation commercial SAR satellite built and operated by MDA.

RADARSAT Constellation MissionPDF2.33 MB
RADARSAT-2 Information ProductsPDF6.03 MB
Case Study - A Multi-Sensor Analysis of Ice in the Beaufort SeaPDF3.39 MB